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Lazy maid transforms to painslut


This slut used to keep her Masters house in tip top shape. She was unfortunately quite lazy, and her Master knew he could not have a lazy sub in his household.
He told her that if she wanted to keep her much needed job, she would have to do as he told her, meaning anything and everything he felt for her to do.
Even if she knew the stories told her by previous servants, the slut agreed. Despite the pain, despite the horror, she continued to stay, because she soon became a painslut, getting her pleasure from her twisted Master’s torture of her.

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Slut is getting her hot ass spanked hard


This Spanking video is great. So great i just had to show it on this BDSM blog.
This sexy slut has being behaving bad in class, cursing, and now it’s time for her to feel the consequences of her actions.
A canning is great punishment for misbehaving sluts, and this way she might learn some respect and decent behavour.
The Canning was so hard it broke this misbehaving slut’s skin over and over again, leaving red marks that’s going to last a long time…

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Slut lying on the engine of a car, fucked by tools


I hate it when my car brakes down and I have to fix it.
This slut thought she could fix the engine of this car, but she ended up chained on the top of the engine, getting tools stuffed up her wet pussy.
I have to admit that if my car problems would end up in great BDSM plays like this one, I would love to have it break down more often.

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Two naughty schoolgirls getting an old fashioned otk spanking


These two sluts are caught cheating on their geography exam. That’s a behaviour that requires a good punishment so they learn that this is not tolerated at all.
The headmaster takes turns giving both sluts a firm OTK spanking. Each of them kick their legs and cry out in a mix of pleasure and pain as their white behinds are getting sexy shades of pink and red. This is one BDSM spanking film you dont want to miss.
Myself, i love these roleplay videoes from school settings.. As long as they include some great BDSM scenes ofcourse!

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Slut tied up and gagged


The bondage in this video is just sexy, the slut can do nothing but squirm and moan, she is unable to move very much.
With a steel ballgag in her mouth, and a steel buttplug behind her ass, my imagination runs wild.
I fantasize about pulling her pants to one side, and stuff that buttplug up her ass while spanking her..

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Legs spread while tortured


Truth being told, I honestly don’t think this slut takes this treatement as torture, she seems to liking it way too much.
This video is still awsome though, with the slut having her arms tied behind her back,¬† her body covered in ropes, her breasts tied up and her long slender legs spread apart…. She’s liiking like she’s just lying there, being ready for me to fuck her brains out..

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Slut is tied up and fucked by a machine


This slut is tied to a leather pony, her arms are locked and her cunt is rammed over and over again by a fucking machine.
I just love videoes like this one, and even if I’ve never played with machine fucking myself, I think this is pure BDSM art.
My dick turns so hard from watching stuff like this, and my imagination runs wild from looking at the scenes.

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Slut is caged, and she’s not liking it


I love girls in cages!

The humiliation and the restriction around this makes my blood rush. When the girl in the cage isn’t enjoying herself, it’s even better.
This blonde hottie is caged, shes handcuffed, but still she’s showing off an attitude. I guess some time in the cage will fix that.
While waiting for her freedom, this naughty slut has nothing better to do than pleasing herself, gotta love that !!

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Japanese slut being toy to many twisted men


When your desires are suppressed beyond the point of repair, a man becomes a hunter, and monster looking for someone to lash out on. This Japanese slut caught the eye of such a man, and he knew she was going to be his cure for the monster within him. She could sense the monster within him, and knew what she must do. He took her with him to a safe house, were several other men were there and waiting for her to arrive. She then became a mule for them to enjoy, with man after man entering her body and violating her most sacred space over and over again. She sacrificed herself for them and their needs; she knew her role was to please them despite what it did to her.

Strangely, I kinda like the Japanese BDSM stuff. It’s pixelated, but it still works, and it is a lot more twisted than the stuff I am used to.

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Slut in pink outfit is gettin an ass to match the clolors of her clothes


This slut is a maid who loves to wear a pink apron while she’s cleaning the house of the headmaster.
The headmaster has told the slutty maind that he hates the color pink and decides to punish her for keep wearing it.
He grabs her by the arm, throws her over his knee before he starts punishing her the old fashioned OTK way.
After he pulls off her panties, his hands makes her ass match the apron with the color he hates.
The slut kicks and screams as her ass becomes warm and pink, and this punishment will make her rethink her clothing next time she comes for her chores.
Another great BDSM movie with a roleplay setting.

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